In the world of craps, there are players and there are ‘wannabes’–people who desperately want to play the game and win. The following craps mistakes are commonly made by wannabe players and have a huge impact on their possible winnings.


1. Players who listen to dealers often find themselves winning less money than they would like. This is because the dealers ‘push’ the bets that make the most money for the casino.

2. Accepting free drinks offered by the casino puts wannabe players at a serious disadvantage. Alcohol hampers the ability to make logical decisions and drinking too much can lead to disaster.

3. Not setting goals for winning and losing is a surefire way for players to lose more money than they anticipated. Before playing, players should set goals for how much they want to win and how much they can afford to lose.

4. Players who do not understand the math involved in the game are making one of the biggest craps mistakes of their lives. A proper concept of the math that governs craps is essential in winning consistently.

5. Spending important money that is set aside to pay bills or for savings is never a good idea. Players should have a certain bankroll set aside specifically for gambling–and stick with it.

6. Wagering on ‘sucker bets’ is the equivalent of the player donating his entire bankroll to the casino. These bets look pretty and draw a lot of attention, but the odds often just are not worth the risk.

7. Players who ignore the odds are setting themselves up for failure. Craps offers players a house edge of less than one percent when played correctly, so wannabes should certainly study the game and understand the odds.

8. Those who strive to be a ‘right bettor’–or follow the crowd’s bets–are making one of the biggest craps mistakes that any new player can possibly make. Understanding the game and placing bets based upon odds and other factors pays off much more often than simply going with the flow of the game.

9. Chasing lost money is an act of desperation and should be avoided at all costs. Players should set aside a bankroll that is no more than what they can afford to lose and stop playing when it is gone.

10. People who simply ‘wing it’ instead of studying the game are making the worst craps mistakes that wannabes make. As with any other game, understanding the rules puts players at a much higher advantage.

Craps is a game of luck and skill that is very popular both online and in-house. Avoiding craps mistakes is the best way to increase a player’s odds of winning.