What is Short Deck Poker?

Short deck poker is a variation on the game of Texas Hold’em. In this variation, all players receive two cards from the dealer. The dealer button rotates around the table with the big blind and the small blind. A player to the left of the big blind can call, raise, or fold. The dealer will

How to define unreliable casino

Along with the emergence of honest casinos, whose reliability is controlled by special regulatory agencies, the field of online gambling began to fill and cheating resources that fully fit the definition – scams. One popular type of fraudulent gambling sites – scripted casinos. All the games they are completely under the control of the owner.

Rules of roulette

Without any doubt, today there is no more famous gambling game than roulette, which rightfully bears the title of “the queen of the casino”. With the movement of the gambling sphere into virtual space, slots have become a more popular pastime. However, there is no person today who does not associate the casino with that

How to start playing online casino

What is an online casino? These are Internet resources and applications that allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of gambling without visiting specialized institutions. Now the market for such services is incredibly wide, so it can not fail to attract the attention of many users of the network. It is not difficult to understand how online casinos work. But first of all, you should ask yourself the question: will it be possible to take your hobby under control and not to reach a fatal loss of large sums? Casino Slot V bonuses allow you to start playing without any investments, but how do you start playing correctly? If you just want to try something new and spend time with pleasure, then consider the stages of preparation for the start of the game. 

Casino games through application

Gambling originated in ancient times, and was widely distributed among both the general population and the rich. In modern times, almost nothing has changed, because there are two types of people who can play: experienced professionals who have high income, as well as ordinary amateurs and beginners who want to just tickle their nerves. But

What is the most profitable sport for betting?

When betting, many players think: is it possible that one sport is more profitable than others? And if so, then how to understand which sport is better to bet on to always stay in the black? In this article we will look at different sports, their advantages and disadvantages for betting, and also tell you if the sport is so important for successful betting.