Without any doubt, today there is no more famous gambling game than roulette, which rightfully bears the title of “the queen of the casino”. With the movement of the gambling sphere into virtual space, slots have become a more popular pastime. However, there is no person today who does not associate the casino with that red and black drum with the rushing ball. And in popular culture it is the “queen” that symbolizes gambling, with its excitement, defeats and ups.

However, not all lovers of excitement know the rules of roulette. And with the rapid widespread popularization of online casinos, the question of how to play roulette correctly in a virtual format is becoming increasingly relevant. If you are serious about learning the rules and varieties of this popular game, want to understand the nuances of the gameplay, as well as learn how effective existing roulette rules and strategies – you’ve come to the right place. You can also learn the features of modern online casinos as an example cherry gold casino review.

Rules of roulette

If you are interested in the existence of winning strategies, it is worth remembering the basics – the basic rules of roulette, unified in all of its incarnations. The game consists of a real or virtual wheel and a field for betting. And let’s start with the aim of the game – the player wins who guesses on which number the movement of the ball will stop, who previously made the correct bet on one or more numbers. This game is characterized by a strict order of numbers – from 1 to 36 on a red-black background, as well as 0 (often indicated in green), which differs depending on the type of game. In this case, the numbers are duplicated in the special fields for betting, on the marked table.

The sum of all roulette numbers is 666, which is associated with numerous hoaxes of this entertainment. Bets are accepted while the movement of the ball on the wheel (at least 3 full turns) – online or offline. In this case, the player can bet on one or more numbers. Different types of bets (of which there are many in this game – both traditional and original, and they may differ depending on the specific model) can be combined within the limits of the table.

As far as bets are concerned, traditional ones are divided into 2 main types:

  1. Internal – on 1-4 or 6 numbers;
  2. Outside – on even/odd numbers, dozens, black/red, big/small numbers, columns.

Also, many modern incarnations of the “queen” suggest betting on:

  • neighbors – numbers on either side of the chosen number;
  • sectors – groups of numbers overlapped by a certain number of chips.

And with the advent of interactive models the room for originality providers in this aspect is almost unlimited. At online casino Gamblerkey each virtual emulator is equipped with a detailed description of the rules of the game, used in a particular model. Get acquainted with it – and you will not have problems with the gameplay, even if you are faced with roulette for the first time! Now let’s move on to the differences of the gameplay depending on the variety.

  1. European. European Roulette rules are completely classical – 36 numbers, 1 zero, traditional rates (in some variations – with some additions). Red and black numbers are arranged in 3 columns in strict arithmetic order.
  2. American. The rules of the game of American roulette are different from the previous version. 38 numbers arranged by sectors in a special order, including – single and double zero (often there are variants with additional rules and extended stakes).
  3. French. French – 36 numbers, 1 zero, a special order of numbers on the track, the presence of additional types of bets. When the zeroes roll – the player gets back half of the bet made on equal chances.