Inexperienced players may be hesitant to get online and just start playing poker; even those who are really excited to try. In situations like this, there are a few things inexperienced players can do in order to get the experience they need to actually win games and enjoy poker.
Micro Stakes Poker

The first thing an inexperienced poker player should do is conquer the Micro Stakes poker. This particular kind of poker has the easiest games to beat and there are no professionals playing here, so it’s perfect for newbies. It’s a great platform that these individuals can use to gain experience and knowledge needed to take on bigger fish. Without that important experience, newbie poker players will rarely progress to the point where they can confidently play with experienced poker players.

Playing Tight Aggressive Poker

The best way to play when you’re a newbie is with a tight, aggressive style. This means you’re not going to bet much unless you have a great hand and when you do have a great hand, you’re going to really raise the bar. Since you’ll be playing with low limits and other amateur players, you’ll really get a feel for the game without much risk. It’s almost like a crash course in poker that you’re getting cheaply.

It’s essential for the newbie poker player to take the time to conquer these lower level games because they’re very valuable in terms of experience and knowledge needed to get to the higher level games in online poker.