Best online casino games are featured at website! Check out the casino en ligne francais page! Spanish 21 is an interesting game that is gaining popularity among online casino players. The game is easy and the rules are very simple to grasp. Players who know how to play blackjack do not struggle to play Spanish 21 online. The game is as slight modification of the blackjack. All that one needs to know is how to make use of the surrender option. This option is not normally available in traditional blackjack tables. Spanish 21 online is dealt with six decks; eight decks are also available however, the six deck combination is more common. Every deck is comprised of 48 cards. The four cards gotten from each deck makes the tens. The tens are what give the house a reasonable edge. There are more favorable rules that are used in Spanish 21, however in most cases the Las Vegas “strip’ rules apply. Most casinos hit the soft 17 while others chose to settle on any 17.


Rules for playing Spanish 21 differ depending on the casino one is playing in. however, there are standard rules that apply in most casinos. It is important for players to check out and compare the rules that various casinos use in order for them to pick the one that best suits them and those that do not have complicated rules. Some of the common rules include: last surrender which dictates that players should surrender half of their bet in cases where a player has a 16, 17 or even a pair of 8’s. A player is also required to surrender after he has doubled down with a double down rescue.

Players who play Spanish 21 online stand a chance of winning huge bonuses. Players jealous of any huge pay off are also given an envy bonus amounting to $50. Some casinos also offer a side bet known as “match the dealer” that is roughly 3 percent higher than the Spanish 21 bet. Spanish 21 online is an exciting game to play and the huge bonuses are a great incentive to encourage the players to keep playing.