One of the best strategies for winning at poker is playing aggressively. Many players will put up the necessary bet and limp into the pot regardless of their hand, but an aggressive poker player will do things differently. By learning aggressive styles, you can improve your game play and your chances of winning.

Playing Tight Poker

A tight poker player rarely plays a hand unless he has strong cards. He won’t “bluff” his way through the game, so other players come to understand that if this poker player is going into a hand, he’s got good cards. This poker player makes sure he has a very good chance of winning before he plays a hand, and therefore typically will end up winning the pot.

Playing Aggressive Poker

An aggressive poker player will raise bets quickly and make large bets when he knows he has a good hand. He rarely ever just puts in the minimum bet, and he makes the other poker players nervous. He will usually knock several players off the pot just with his aggressive betting style. This is beneficial because he’s probably got a great hand and chances are, he’s going to win the round.

By playing tight and aggressive poker, you can dominate the game when you’re holding winning cards. However, this style means you need to be more reserved when you don’t have the best hand or when you don’t think you have a shot at winning the hand.